Database Basic Concepts – Quiz

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Question 1

Can the name of animals in a zoo be an information that can be stored in a database?:

Question 2

The information included in the database is also called:

Question 3

Where is a database usually stored?:
Inside a keyboard
On a CD
On a harddrive
On a DVD

Question 4

What is an SSD drive:
A modern type of hard drive
A modern type of DVD player
An ancient type of hard drive
A hardware accelerator

Question 5

An SQL query enables you to (select the most precise answer):
retrieve, insert and modify data on a hard drive
retrieve, insert and modify data in a database
retrieve data in a database
retrieve data in a file

Question 6

What does SQL stands for:
Structure Query Language
State Query Language
Structured Query Language
Structured Quotation Language

Question 7

Can you write orders to the database in any language:
No, you should use a language adapted to database queries
Yes, any language will be understood by the database



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Created: May 7, 2014