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Question 1

In “select * from clients”, “*” means:
we want to select all the rows in the table.
we want to select all the columns in the table.
we want to select all the fields in the database.
we want to select all the tables in the database.

Question 2

In “select * from clients”, clients is:
the name of a column.
the name of the database.
the name of a field.
the name of the table.

Question 3

select first_name, last_name, phone_number from clients”, last_name is:
a row.
a column.
a table.
a field.

Question 4

If revenue is a number, which fragment is the most appropriate:
where revenue = “123456”
where revenue = /123456
where revenue = 123456

Question 5

In the following query “select first_name from clients where state=’karnataka’”:
we show the column state.
we show both the columns state and first_name.
we show all rows in the clients table
we show the column first_name
we show rows in the state table

Question 6

Which fragment is correct:
where company_code = “Asdf 1!”.
where company_code = /Asdf 1!.
where company_code = Asdf 1!.
where company_code = Asdf1.



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