Combining Conditions in SQL – Quiz

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Question 1

With the condition “where account_type = 'key_account'
and city='bangalore'
“, which of the following set of account type/city combinations is acceptable?:
(key_account, bangalore),(key_account, delhi).
(key_account, bangalore),(key_account, bangalore).
(standard_account, bangalore),(key_account, bangalore).
All above combinations are acceptable.

Question 2

With the condition “where account_type = ‘key_account’ or city=’bangalore’ “, which of the following sets of account type/city combinations are acceptable?:
(key_account, bangalore),(key_account, delhi),(standard_account, bangalore).
(key_account, bangalore),(key_account, delhi),(standard_account, delhi).
(standard_account, bangalore),(standard_account, cochin).

Question 3

Can there be a difference between “where account_type = 'key_account'
or city='bangalore
‘ and “where city='bangalore'
or account_type = 'key_account'
“? Choose the best answer:
No, the same results are returned.
Yes,it does not return the same result.
The same results are returned but it can influence the query speed.
The same results are returned but it can influence the database reliability.



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Created: September 2, 2014