Foreign Key in SQL – Quiz

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Question 1

The foreign key is located in:
the child table.
the parent table.
either the parent or the child table.
both the parent and the child table.

Question 2

What is the correct syntax to add a foreign key on column salesperson_id of table clients?:
ALTER TABLE salespersons ADD FOREIGN KEY (salesperson_id) REFERENCES clients(id)
ALTER TABLE clients FOREIGN KEY (salesperson_id) REFERENCES salespersons(id)
ALTER TABLE clients FOREIGN KEY (salesperson_id) WITH salespersons(id)
ALTER TABLE clients ADD FOREIGN KEY (salesperson_id) REFERENCES salespersons(id)

Question 3

Which of the following actions is allowed when a foreign key is added?:
inserting a row in the child table with a value in the foreign key not corresponding to any value in the parent key.
inserting a row in the parent table not corresponding to any row in the child table.
deleting a row in the parent table matching at least one row in the child table.



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