Practice Center – Group By part II

Step 1/3: Your goal

Display a list of states ( column state, table sales), showing for each state the total revenue (column revenue) recorded in this state (revenues are recorded in the table sales), but showing only states for which the total revenue is greater than 60000. This exercise corresponds to the lesson on group by.

Step 2/3: Get started

Enter the corresponding query in the edit box below and click on the “Submit Query” button underneath:

Step 3/3: Verify your results

After clicking on “Submit Query”, you should see below a table with 2 columns and 2 rows. This table should show the following results:
gujarat: 60278.49
maharastra: 60098.46

Next exercise: group by part III.

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Last udpated: September 10, 2017
Created: January 1, 2015