First Post

This is only the beginning

I have just completed a first set of lessons on This website consists today of 19 lessons, 16 quizzes and 30 diagrams. I am going to launch this website soon. This is only the beginning of the journey though. Each of the next posts will describe a complex task to be executed on a database, and will show how to execute this task with SQL.

How do I feel

This is going to be the second time I launch a website. I have a different mindset this time. I am more aware how hard it is to attract visitors. I am also more focused on just helping out, and thinking less on whether the website is going to be a success or not.
The first half year of a website is called the website's winter. It is a long period of time during which few visitors have a look at the site. Often this leads the website owner to just give up the whole idea. The best thing to do then is to forget statistics and focus solely on delivering useful content to you, reader.

Next steps

I am now ready for the next steps: re-verifying the website, creating a Facebook, Google plus and Pinterest page, reverifying again all the links. Once this is ready, I will re-test and tune the website's performance. I will take care of the website's indexing in these search engines. Then, I will celebrate the beginning of the journey with an orange juice and a couple of biscuits, and go on writing articles for you guys.

You, reader

You have so many things to achieve still that my lessons will contribute to a small part of your overall success in life. You will have to learn other programming languages, other skills. You will overcome many challenges, thanks to your own hard work and intelligence. So whether you had a look at this website for hours or for just one second, whether you hate it, love it or just do not care, I wish you all the best for your exams, for your career, for your life.

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Last udpated: October 4, 2014
Created: October 2, 2014