About Me

The salesmen, my brother, me, and the VIC 20

My story with programming started when I was 13 years old with a commodore VIC 20. I was sitting in the living room when a salesmen selling computers entered our house and started to speak with my father. A moment after, he left the house with one computer less to sell. One of my older brothers, who was studying engineering at that time, wrote programs in basic on it: a race game and a tennis game. When his vacations were over, he went back to his school, leaving me alone with my parents, the VIC 20, and the programming manual …

It went on

I am now living in Warsaw (Poland) with my wife and two sons. I worked as a developer, tester, business analyst, development team leader, and project manager. I spent most of my career working on billing systems for mobile operators. I am now working in the world of web applications as a development team leader.

What about SQL ?

SQL is everywhere, and both billing systems and web applications are asking a lot to their databases. I used SQL as a developer of course, when enhancing client-server applications selecting and updating customer data, or writing scripts to update pricing details. I used it heavily as a tester also, to prepare test data, and as a project manager when reviewing code. I even used it when conducting job interviews to verify the candidates’ knowledge of SQL.

What about you?

I truly hope that this website will help you reach your goals, whether you are a student preparing his exams, a candidate for a role of tester or programmer, or if you are already using SQL and want to improve your knowledge. You can write your story also by commenting this article or leaving a message on Google+, Facebook or Twitter (include the link to a picture if you can).

Take control

This website is for you, so take control of it. You can do this by asking questions, expressing which points you would like me to cover in the future, how you would like the website to change, by leaving a comment under an article or by joining me on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your visit. I hope you will enjoy this website.


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